Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Story "Stormy Weather" Available on Amazon & Audible

I've told you about creating cover art for stories that I never publish, right? Wasting time, just another friendly service I provide.  Well, one of those was a story called "Stormy Weather" that I wrote a year or two back.

Basically, it was a tale I wrote set in a tiny farming town (such as where I grew up) when a big snowstorm hits.  The town's mayor,* Jeremy Cooper, decides to gather the entire community together where they will be safe, but it seems he forgot about one person . . . the one town citizen he (and everyone else) is afraid of: Ugly Trudy Pitter.

This has several of the elements I love to write about: small American towns, reluctant leaders, fear, banana bread, cantaloupes, Eric Clapton, and creepy local legends.

Yeah, I've written stories like this before.  Not that I've shared them with anybody.

Well, I had whatever you call the opposite of a moment of weakness, and decided to put this one out there.  It's available to purchase over at Amazon, and I can be irresponsible and make it available on Audible soon, or continue to work on my book and worry about the audio version later.**

If you're interested, here be yon link:

*Originally, I wrote that Jeremy was the town's sheriff . . . but that's the story I'm currently working on.  Maybe they are all the same.

**Oh, snap!  Here's the link to the Audible version, voiced by yours truly:

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This was freaky.