Saturday, August 02, 2008

Comic-Con Panel Photos

A lot of my shots of Nathan Fillion came out with that great face he had at the beginning of "Our Mrs. Reynolds," when he was drunk and oh-so-happy.

Tyranist and I used to both be pretty big fans of Dean Koontz. I can certainly trace the end of my fandom back to the day the moustached, bald Dean Koontz was replaced by clean-shaven, full-head-of-hair Dean Koontz.

Seriously, the man's hairpiece is so bad, it's what I'd imagine Chewbacca would cough up on a really hungover morning.
Which DIE HARD was Justin Long in again?
Apparently, in the upcoming FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH remake (oh, sorry, "reimagining"), Jason Voorhees will be played . . . by himself.
Every year, somebody asks Kevin when the next Jay and Silent Bob movie is coming out.
I love my camera, I really do. But as nice as it is, if you're too far back, or zoom too much, it has the magical ability to make Rose McGowan look just like a middle-aged tranny.
Tahmoh Penikett explains to Eliza Dushku the joke about her spine turning red.

Even though, judging by this photo, it appears I went to a stoner convention, it was actually a comic book show.

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