Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

You know, it's pretty rare when I don't list something I did or said myself on these weekly showcases of the weird and unsmart, and I probably said something during my argument with tyranist the other day that might qualify, but no, I'm going to give the award away this week.

On Saturday, my buddy Jeff and I went to a soccer game the other night, and his brother was with us. I'm not really close to his brother--I can barely get along with the people I'm similar to and we're far too different--but I see him from time to time.

One topic of semi-fascination with Jeff's brother is that, either due to finances or personal preference, he only goes to one movie a year. It was HARRY POTTER & THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX in 2007, and like those great folks you grew up with that don't have a television in the house, it seems to be a fact he's strangely proud of.*

So, I was curious, what film was it going to be this year? INDIANA JONES? BATMAN? Something virtually guaranteed to please, like WALL-E? Something with a long history like JAMES BOND? A family adventure like the NARNIA sequel? IRON MAN, perhaps? Maybe he would be traditional and wait till the end of the year to see HARRY POTTER 5.

Well, it was to my shock (and considerable horror), that he said he was really looking forward to STEP-BROTHERS, with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

The prosecution rests, your honour.

Rish Carlos Outfield

*But hey, I keep a blog dedicated to what a loser, moron, and smartass, and dope I am, so don't throw stones, right? Plus, I could be wrong about Jeff's brother and I recognise that.

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