Thursday, April 05, 2018

Rish Outcast 105: Why Blank Sucks

This episode is either a PERFECT example of the show, or the WORST one I've ever recorded.  It'll need a judge's ruling to be sure.

So, driving down to a high school get-together, I talk about Star Wars, old friends, frogs, movie reviewers, Ewoks, and misleading/assuming/irritating titles for YouTube videos.

Also, Fake Ahnold tries to get Fake Sean to feel the beat (of the rhythm [of the night]).

Feel you like downloading the episode?  Well, Right-Click HERE.

Episode 107 is going to be a Patreon-Only show, so why don't you go on over to THIS LINK and support me? Just out of curiosity?

As always, thanks to Gino "The Cockatrice" Moretto for the lovely show logo.

P.S.  You know what sucks?  When the text on my blog post is all messed up.  Please let me know (either via Comments or Email) if that happens again.  "WHY Messed Up Text Sucks."

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