Sunday, April 08, 2018

Eve & Malachi Complete Series Available Over At Audible

Abigail Hilton, ever the workhorse, has finished her seven-volume "Eve & Malachi" children's book series.  Rish Outfield, ever the darkhorse, finished the narrations, and they're available on Audible, dieTunes, and wherever fine audio is sold.

Starting in "Feeding Malachi," these books are about the unlikely friendship of a rat and a boa constrictor, who have adventures and meet interesting new characters on their travels.  Abbie once told me that each book is actually about something, which boggles the mind of a fledgling author like myself.

But here's the rub: If you want to buy them separately . . . you have to wait until later for the individual releases (beyond Books 1 - 3), as she plans to release them along with the always-impressive art.

You can find it right here at this Audible link.

Once again, I don't get diddly if you buy this.  But Abbie does, and hey, somebody ought to reward her for her fine taste in narrators.

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