Sunday, April 01, 2018

March in the Rearview

Happy April!

So, I wrote every single day in March, true to my ward.*  Some days I wrote a lot, some days I left it to the end of the night and barely managed, but I managed every day.  Right now, it would be too time-consuming to figure out how many words I wrote in that month, but if I had to guess, I'd say I wrote at least six.  Maybe even seven.  Not bad, eh?

I did not finish my short story ("My Friend of Misery"**), which I split into two short stories, then combined into a novelette, and now a novella.  I can't help but wonder how much more work it would take to make it into a novel, but it's more important to focus on finishing the thing than its length or quality.***

I wrote it without an outline or fixed idea of where it was going.  That might have been a mistake, since I kept writing moments, then going back to earlier in the story to write set-ups for that moment, and jumped around randomly like a Mexican bean throughout.  Not knowing the ending is creepy even now, but hopefully I'll get there soon.  Maybe we'll talk about it again when (if?) I finish, but for now, that's my update.  I still plan on writing in April . . . just better.

Rish "The Writer" Outfield

P.S. The downside of writing every day is that a lot of the time I would have dedicated to my podcast(s) went toward writing instead.  Hence the erratic release schedule of the Outcast this month.  I will try again in April, see if I can't get things out on a more regular basis.

*Dick Grayson, a fine, athletic boy.

**Which I now feel isn't an appropriate title for the thing.  But I have no alternate one in mind.  Even "A Friend of Misery" works better.

***Big did finish his, and kept on writing the next day, which is nice.

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