Sunday, January 01, 2017

Rish Outcast 60: Stormy Weather (Part 2)

Rish presents the rest of his story "Stormy Weather," and continues to talk of his inspiration for it, while dodging low-flying planes.

Music in this episode was "Ossuary (Air)" by Kevin McLeod of

If you're in the mood to download the episode, just Right-Click right HERE.

*If you want to read the story in text form, click HERE to buy it.


gramdpaD said...

I had purchased and read this before but forgotten what a punch in the gut it was. Good job.

gramdpaD said...
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Journey Into... said...

Great story! Loved it. I liked how when Jeremy saw Trudy's face, I heard in my mind the words his friend Andy said, "Not that bad." I expected Jeremy to say those same words, but he didn't. For some reason I thought that was really cool. I was encouraging Jeremy to go get Trudy the whole time. The rest of the town, including his wife, ought to be ashamed of themselves. Though, I guess they were correct after all. Good stuff. One of my favorites.

Rish Outfield said...

Gramdpa, I liked your comment so much I read it twice.

Journey INTO! (Into!, Into, into . . .), if there's any moral to the story, it's that no good deed goes unpunished. It strikes me as pretty nasty, that Jeremy does all he can to do the right thing, and he ends up suffering for it. Although, maybe he's happier now, with fewer pressures and responsibilities, surrounded by the people he loves (even if half of them are dead). Maybe I'll throw a reference to him someday in the future, if another story takes place in that town, or perhaps if one takes place in a mental institution.

Thanks for the compliments.

Rob Broughton said...

Wow, thanks for sharing, Rish! When the first part ended I was really curious where the story was going to go... and then Interlude 2 happened and it got even MORE tense and mysterious. I sat in my car after my commute to hear the rest play out.

This gave me serious Stephen King vibes, Rish! It gave me some similar feelings of "trapped in a room full of groupthink a-holes" that The Mist gave me, and the final scene in Stormy Weather almost reminded me of some of the Jack Torrance solo scenes in The Shining (though I've never read The Shining, only seen the movie, so I'm not sure if King wrote those scenes).

And just to be clear, I didn't get any, "OMG I already read this in a King book," thoughts. What I mean is that Stormy Weather evoked similarly awesome feelings in me, which made me think of Stephen King works, and that's great. Good work!