Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rish 'n Marshal talk about ROGUE ONE

I never really plug episodes of the Dunesteef on this blog.  I figure that a thousand times as many people listen to the 'steef as read my blog, so why would I ever bring it up here?  It'd be like trying to promote a television show in a book.

And the same goes for my podcast with Marshal Latham, "Star Wars: Delusions of Grandeur."  We came up with the idea of doing the show a couple of years back, and I thought I was oh-so-clever in the naming of it, only to discover that there's already a blog and a podcast called "Delusions of Grandeur" out there (and I think there used to be one called "The Star Wars Delusions of Grandeur Podcast" too, which sucks all the more.  If I had to do it now, I'd come up with something embarrassingly obscure, like "Squid Head and Zuckuss's Mynock Roast and Talk Show."  Maybe it's not too late.

But that's a show I don't think too many people listen to.  We've put the call out for various listener-participation shows, asked people to suggest topics, requested comments, and I once offered a limited edition Disney Store Talking Boba Fett 12 inch figure as a prize to anybody listening (I didn't want it because Jason Wingreen's dulcet tones had been replaced by the Prequels guy).  That figure still sits at the bottom of my closet, covered in dust, dirty socks, and let's face it, probably stuff much, much worse, instead of being sent out as a prize.

For the best, I suppose, t'would've cost a fortune to ship.

Anyhow, there's a new episode up (number thirty, in fact), wherein Marshal and I pretend to talk about Padme Amidala, then talk about "Star Wars: Catalyst" and ROGUE ONE.  Because Big and I had already done an episode about the new movie, I tried hard not to repeat what I said before with Marshal (whether I succeeded or not is up to you).  But there really is a lot more to be said about ROASWS (which is short for the official title, and I hope nobody uses it). 

You can find the link RIGHT HERE.

So, from now on, every time Marshal and I put out an episode, I'm gonna mention it here.  You never know, the podcaster's life you save may be your own.

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