Sunday, January 22, 2017

Have I mentioned that it's the Year of Rish Outfield?

When I was particularly upset and tired at the end of 2016, I told Big that 2017 was going to be "The Year of Rish Outfield."  No more wasting time on unfulfilling other stuff, I was going to focus on two things: writing and publishing my own work, and the Rish Outcast.*

Well, we'll see.

As of today, there are seven Rish Outcast episodes edited and ready to go, which seems like a lot.  There's probably six more recorded and sitting on my laptop, not to mention the "Dead and Breakfast" episode that's been sitting for more than a year, and will probably never see the light of day (unless I can figure out a way to pull that off without having to admit to being a cowardly human turd).

Next month is that annual writers conference I like to go to, and if the last two years are any indication, that will give me a shot in the arm to work just a little harder on . . . something, whether it's my cover art, doing more self-publishing, sending more of my stuff to magazines and podcasts, or writing another novel or series of stories.

I think this YORO has started pretty solidly, and the monthly goal-setting and reporting on last month's goals seems helpful.  I've written one complete story in 2017, but it's in the notebook, so it may stay there until the end of time.

I got an idea for a story yesterday that I would like to write . . . but I don't want to write it alone.  I haven't had a collaboration in a while, and I may not be the world's best collaborator anyway, so let me know what you suggest.

*I'm gonna lump the Delusions of Grandeur podcast in with this.


Rob Broughton said...

That annual Callback story idea sounded really cool! Any updates on its status?

Also, could you please give some recommendations of stuff on Audible that you narrated but didn't write? Or if you already did this in the past and I missed it, please point the way? I want to split my Audible budget between your written works and stuff you narrated for others, and don't want to miss any highlights. Thanks!

Lastly, a belated thought about your contest story collection idea - do you still have the versions of those stories where you didn't chop out hundreds (or thousands) of words to make them fit the contest specs? That sounds like an interesting collection, though it also sounds like a lot of work re-editing them into a state you'd actually want to spend time narrating and publishing.

Rish Outfield said...

Rob, in a recent episode of Big's solo podcast, he announced we'd be doing that callback story (which I misremembered the title of, it's actually called "Caller I.D.") on the Dunesteef, prompting me to get it out of mothballs. I sadly discovered I had only typed about half of it up (the first three years, I believe), so I hunted through my notebooks to find the rest of the story.

Found it . . . but there it sits.

Let's see, the Audible thing I'll have to give some thought to. "Hunters Unlucky" by Abigail Hilton immediately comes to mind, as it is both a really good book and really good performance. If I may be so bold, sir.

As far as contest stories go, yeah, I always keep all the longer versions. I believe I ran the long version of "Creature Feature" on my show, and . . . did I do "The Scottish Scene?" I can't remember. There was also one I recorded the other day called "Discovery," which I narrated through to the end, only to discover (see what I did there?) that it was the short version, with the long version immediately following. If I were particularly clever, I'd release that thing the week that "Star Trek: Discovery" premieres. But I'm not that clever.

Rob Broughton said...

Well, put me on the list of people hoping that an annual Caller I.D. tradition really does happen.

Sounds like it'll be Hunters Unlucky and A Sidekick's Journey this month, thanks!