Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Perform "Night Games" on Pseudopod

So, not at all long ago, Shawn Garrett asked if I could get a story recorded and edited in time for this week's episode of Pseudopod: The Horror Podcast.  I always say yes to those guys, and the story I ended up doing was called "Night Games" by Aeryn Rudel, who has the distinction of having an impossible name to both spell and say.

It's the story of a baseball pitcher who ends up playing against a batter who's more than a match for him . . . a vampire batter.

Yeah, sorry.

The story is all kinds of good, and I had to pretend to know more than nothing about baseball, which is a bit of a stretch for me.  Rudel, however, said I was a perfect fit for his story, what with my name being Rish and all.

At least that's what I think he meant.

Check it out HERE.

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AspiR said...

Not sure what it's worth since I don't know much about baseball either, but it didn't sound like you didn't know what you were talking about.

That's an interesting concept in that story, a vampire who only plays night games. I was glad the catcher was the one to stake the vampire, the bat exploding and impaling him through the heart would have been a little too spectacular of a coincidence for me.

If anything stuck out to me as strange it was the impression that he was pausing at the pitcher's mound between pitches for long periods of time recounting the events of the previous night. No wonder baseball takes forever. I also think the author didn't explain his motivation for attending the game well enough.

But still a solid concept at least.