Friday, April 24, 2015

Rish Performs "Technos" by E.C. Tubb on

I finally got another of the "Dumarest of Terra" books produced, and it's available to buy on Audible and Amazon.  This one is the seventh in the series, and wasn't hard to get through.  Well, comparatively.

In "Technos," Earl Dumarest goes to farming planet Loam to seek a wise man who knows of Earth, and eventually ends up on its conquering planet of Technos, where he must flee from the authorities and seek out a woman with a photographic memory who may know the location of his homeworld.

"Technos" brings up several fascinating story elements--a planet where status is based on how everyone does on vocational/standardized tests, an unkillable toxic plant on an agricultural world that is encroaching on every farm (perhaps placed there by an enemy planet), a tribute of the poor citizens in which the wealthy elderly use their bodies for a chance to be young again, a sadistic scientist who develops elaborate mazes in which to test the intellect, physical prowess, and luck of the various prisoners he places in there, and a fear-obsessed, ageing ruler who sees betrayal and assassination at every turn.

Of course, none of this is ever explored in the book, but I think I might get on the old ouija board and ask Tubb if I can take these elements and use them in my own writing over the next few years.

The Link:

Honestly, this was probably the smoothest, least-troubled Dumarest production I've done (although there was one chapter I had to do over because of an ugly static that came from me boosting the input all the way to record panels at a writers conference the day before).  I looked at my stats--feeling masochistic after misunderstanding the plot of 50 SHADES OF GREY--and discovered that the first Dumarest book "The Winds of Gath," is my biggest-selling audiobook, so I guess I'd better get off my duff and start another of these.


P.S. Not really sure what's up with the cover art, but it's still better than what I could come up with.

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