Monday, April 06, 2015

Rish Outcast 22: Ask Me No Questions (An Unexpected Journey)

Fan and friend of the Dunesteef, Tom Tancredi, recently sent me a list of questions, expecting me to answer each one.  I did so, in my usual, verbose, over-long fashion.

Well, as the hours, days, and weeks passed, it seemed prudent to share them with everyone (i.e., all four of you who listen to the Rish Outcast).  This, technically, should've been an episode of the Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name, but because I recorded the intro in the car, my lawyers say I must refer to it as an Outcast.  Thanks, guys.

To download the episode, right click HERE and save to your dee-vice.


Bria Burton said...

This was really fun to listen to. Love Tom's "voice." It's really interesting to hear your answers to his questions, and pretty cool that he asked in the first place. Even though Rish Outfield is your persona and pen name, it still seems like you're being very transparent and candid with us (your audience), and you do a good job of entertaining in the midst of it. I don't remember if I ever commented on Birth of a Sidekick (apologies if not), but I really enjoyed that story. It had the feel of something that could become a much longer piece, and I'm confident that you could write a novel, whether that entails expanding a short story or writing something new. I hope you'll really go for it.

Tom Tancredi said...

It feels self-serving to comment, but I love this episode.