Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dry Run update

Very briefly, three things:

1.  I have started on my dry run story, and have a couple of pages written . . . in the darned notebook.

2.  I have come up with a temporary title for it (besides "Dry Run"), and if it seems like it will work, I'll "announce" it in my next update.

3.  Because I can't have nice things,* I decided this week to finally get a laptop computer.  It has been ordered and is, apparently, on the way.  I hope to use it to write this, and many other projects in the future, as well as using it to podcast and edit podcasts.  Yay!

So, there's my short update.  Though it's going to look pathetic, I said I'd do it, so here is the meter as it now stands:


Rish "Sigh" Outfield

*My nephew stepped on and ruined the screen of my craptop (which was a lil tiny netbook I didn't appreciate till it was gone), and then my brother gave me his decade-old laptop, which I used until this week, when I broke it after a Skype call.  I have a bad track record with electronics, but apparently Doctor Bruce Banner has a worse one.

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Seraph said...

Got the new lap-top yet ? New electronics are fun to get ( not that I've had that experience a whole lot ). I don't know what I'd do if one of my kids killed my computer. Probably it'd involve some form of ritualistic murder. :-)