Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Swords & Scimitars" short story now available on

This one nearly slipped through.  While I was working my way through the novel I'd taken on, I signed up to perform a couple of short stories, which, while work, were pleasant diversions from my much more lengthy assignment.  One of these was "Swords & Scimitars"  by Cate Rowan.

This was a prequel to a longer work she had already published, giving the backstory to one of the characters, examining a little of what made him who he was in the "Alaia Chronicles," which is a series of books Rowan wrote.  Not having read those, I was at a bit of a disadvantage in knowing how to perform the characters, and she actually had me do one part over and revoice one character completely.

Here's your link: Swords & Scimitars: Alaia Chronicles.  Basically, this tells the history of Kismet, who with his brother Taso, live a leisurely life as children of a god.  After a tragic mistake sends him into exile, Kismet devotes himself to military life, and eventually is approached by two enemy leaders, each presenting a daughter as a peace offering . . . as long as Kismet will marry her.

The file is less than an hour long, and it'll be interesting if fans of  Rowan's longer works will scoop up the short story too.  It seems to work for Abbie Hilton, who gives away for free her novels, but offers short stories for a buck or two each.

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