Friday, May 17, 2013

Audiobook Adventures: Week Seventeen

How in the deuce have I been doing this for seventeen weeks?

Maybe I've been going longer than that, and forgot to post a couple of weeks.  Whoops.*

So, let's see.  I made those changes I was complaining about in the last episode.  Wait, I sure hope I complained about them.  Maybe it's been so long since I wrote one of these, I didn't.

To make a long story short, I got sent a list of changes that needed to be made (I meant to put "needed" in quotation marks there) before the book was ready to go.  Before that happened, I mentioned to the author that because of the way one's voice changes, settings change, and microphones change, it would be hard to make the audio match on any new lines she wanted me to record, and that there were times I dropped a word or two because the audio was bad and I didn't want to re-record it and have it sound bad.

Well, there were several instances on the list where the problem she wanted fixed was the audio quality changing from one sentence to the other.  And then, there were times when I had dropped a word or two from a sentence here and there. 

Are you sure I didn't complain about this already?  It feels like I have.

Regardless, I addressed every point on her list, and now there are twice as many instances of the audio quality changing, try as I might to make it all match.  I pray to Odin she's fine with that.  If not, I pray to Shiva, let me die.

Okay, what else is going on?

I haven't auditioned for anything in a couple of weeks.  Sometimes I do look at what's just gone up, and is looking for auditions, but it's almost always stuff I'm not interested in, and when it is, they're almost always hundred thousand word (I originally typed "page") novels, or worse yet, series of novels.  I have a bit on my plate--not a lot, but I'm still a lazy sack, perpetually fourteen years old--and would rather take on novellas or short stories. 

Right before writing this, I finished editing my recording of another book.  Well, I think it's finished, we'll find out what the rights owner thinks.  It's the same book I've talked about here recently, full of stories written decades ago, that I was pretty excited about, when I first got the contract for them.

Somehow, I'm able to make the fact that I'm (ostensibly) getting paid to do something fun appear like work.  I must seem like such a whiner to the, count 'em, four people reading this blog.  And I am.  If you're one my, count 'em three friends, then you know I actually enjoy complaining about things.  Even if I have to lie about it. 

Like when I said I'm getting paid to produce these audiobooks.

Rish Outfield, Audio Boy

*It has been more than a week since I posted one of these, so I think I'll cut out one paragraph and stick it in next week's.  Maybe having an already-started post will encourage me not to wait so long.

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