Thursday, May 02, 2013

Rish Performs "Killer Advice" Over On Audible

As I said a week or two back, I auditioned for and got the job to narrate two stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  The first was "Case of the Vanishing Boy," which was quite short.  The second was longer, and was called "Killer Advice," and is now available for purchase over at

This even has cover art with my name on it, which makes me smile inside.

"Killer Advice" is a mystery story set on a space station.  When some suspicious deaths occur on a starship, it is forced to dock at an out-of-the-way station for repairs.  Everyone leaves the ship, checks into quarters . . . and the deaths continue.

I recorded this one before following Renee Chambliss's advice to always read every work through before producing it, and hence thought that the characters introduced in the first chapter were the main two characters.  It turns out that there are several characters, each of which get their own POV chapters (I recognize that a lot of writers do this, but I haven't mastered it yet), and that the guy you'd probably describe as the "hero" of the story, doesn't appear until a few chapters in.

There are lots of Mysteries, Period Mysteries, True Life Mysteries, Urban Mysteries, Supernatural Mysteries, Unsolved Mysteries, but I don't think I had ever read a Science Fiction Mystery before now.  I suppose this and the other story could both be classified as Detective stories, but they really differ in tone and locale.  The only thing they really had in common was attitude.

And quality.  I believe I said this before, but wow, Rusch's writing skills are really developed, and her talent elevates her material over most everything else I've recorded.*  That's not to say there weren't challenges in narrating her work (there are always difficulties that come up in every production), but they had nothing to do with the quality of the writing, or awkwardness of reading things aloud.

As I said before, now that I have the hang of it (or at least I did before I got this new computer and screwed everything up again), it would be a pleasure to narrate more of Ms. Rusch's stories sometime in the future.

Here's your link:

Rish Outfield, Mystery Reader

*It reminds me of when Big was telling me about his sexual misadventures as a teen, and how different it was when he started sleeping with his classmates' mothers instead of their daughters.  Apparently, there's a whole other skillset with a person of experience.

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