Friday, June 25, 2010

more voice work

I mentioned recently the pride and excitement I felt at being able to voice Captain James T. Kirk in a Star Trek audio drama. Or if I didn't, I meant to.

Recently, Big and I got to be aliens in a Sci-Fi podcast for Julie Hoverson. Maybe I can find the link. It was interesting to record the dialogue out of context and hear it all as a finished product.

Since then, I was able to voice the Egyptian god Set in a podcast serial, and I'm happy to announce/boast, that I'm lending my voice(s) to an upcoming "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" audio drama. Apparently, the production is being done by a pair of young women who have a blind friend who isn't able to enjoy the ongoing comic book adventures of Buffy and company. By that reasoning, I guess the friend wasn't able to enjoy that super-hot android chick Warren made in that fifth season TV episode either.

So, they're doing an audio adaptation of "Buffy: Season Eight, and I'm doing a couple of voices, the most significant of which is the great Rupert Giles. For some reason, this has been a big challenge for me, as Tony Head's voice is a bit higher than mine, and he tends to be very soft-spoken on the show, whereas this requires Giles to be significantly louder. Also, there's the pesky accent.

I'll do what I can.

I've complained a lot (to those who know me, that is) about how little I enjoy sending out my work for others to judge. Well, auditions are the same thing. I could count the number of auditions I've been on on . . . well, Spiral from the X-men's fingers. I hate putting myself out there to be judged, and detest rejection more than papercuts and onions and Katy Perry songs combined.

I sent in a couple of vocal auditions last year sometime, and ended up getting cast in nothing, so I didn't think to do it again. But the way things have gone in the last month really inspires me to keep auditioning and get my damn voice out there as many places as possible.

In fact, I'm going to check out the auditions board right now and see if I can't get something recorded tonight.

Rish "Voicebox" Outfield

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