Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stupid Thing of the Week

I was listening to an audio commentary by actor Martin Landau yesterday while I was attempting to get some work done, and he was reminiscing about his life, about his career, and about the many good memories he had of doing television and working with writers and other actors, and it made me sad that I never really appreciated the man when he was alive.

I was never a Martin Landau fan, and only heard of him when he got nominated for TUCKER: A MAN AND HIS DREAM back in '88. I saw him get his Oscar for ED WOOD and watched him in a couple of movies here and there, though I didn't really feel anything for him one way or another. He was a singularly foul-looking man, even when he was young, but he didn't really stand out, and I was too young to watch "Mission: Impossible." But listening to him talk about the past and doing live television in the Fifties, it made me wish I had been a part of all that, and feel sorry he was gone.

So today, I looked him up on the internet, and to my surprise, I found that Martin Landau is still alive.

And to my horror, I found myself disappointed that this was the case.

Maybe I deserve my daily misery, folks. I'm just that bad of a person.

Rish "Adolf" Outfield

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