Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim: Dead Former Celebrity

So, Corey Haim is gone.I was never a fan. Of the two Coreys, Feldman always struck a better chord with me (and hey, despite his best efforts, I still sort of like him).

But I grew up with lots of girls who had a thing for him (I guess of the pair, he was the pretty one and Feldman was the "bad boy"). Most everybody my age or younger really loved THE LOST BOYS, but I've never been partial to it.* I wonder if my dislike for Haim has something to do with it, or if my dislike for LOST BOYS affected my affection for Mr. Haim.

Regardless, he died today of an apparent drug overdose.

A friend of mine works for FOX News and sent me the news. The article mostly talked about the thirty-eight year old's acting career in the Eighties, and the fact that he plugged both Nicole Eggert and Alyssa Milano (their words, not mine). He was out of work and staying with his mother when she found him unconscious. Unable to revive him, he was rushed to a Burbank hospital where doctors attempted to save Haim. Without success, they closed the former child actor's eyes. They were, however, unable to close his mouth.
Rish "The Bastard" Outfield

*I was at Comic-Con in 2008, where Haim and Feldman were there promoting LOST BOYS 2: BACK TO THE WELL, but I didn't even think to take a picture. Guess it would've come in handy now, huh?

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