Monday, April 13, 2009

follow-up post

Well, my buddy Jeff read my last post, and he told me mine was a flawed argument. The comparisons I made don't work. He didn't seem to think that the things I said, in the heat of an angry moment, were logical and well thought-out.

But I believe that that's part of an angry rant. Haven't you said things while beating your wife or abusing one of your children that, once you're all calmed down and the alcohol and/or meth is out of your system, that you didn't really mean, or wish you hadn't said?

No? You think they brought it upon themselves, and made you say them/do them? And now you're angry again thinking back on it?

Oh, he also said I should name names.

I guess I can do that.

But if I do, will people refuse to clap for me at my Oscar appearance?

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