Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

So, my mother has become really devoted to this guy, Glenn Beck, who is a conservative political commentator with his own radio show and a gig on Headline News. The guy is outspoken on many topics, and though I am a fan of talk radio, he just isn't my bag.

My mother, however, has gotten into the bag completely. She listens to his programme on the radio any chance she gets and often repeats the things he said like a kid telling what he learned in school today. I could be wrong, but I think I saw her lighting a candle and worshiping a graven image of him in her basement the other day . . . but she may only have been ironing.

Anyway, he apparently thinks that WALL-E is bad, and has been talking about its message in his radio show. She began to recite his message when I told her I would be taking my niece to it, and I simply gave her the finger and walked away. Then, when my uncle came around, accompanied by his daughter, she warned him not to see it either because Glenn Beck has a problem with the film's politics.

Apparently, and I quote, WALL-E is a subversive attempt on behalf of treehungers and greeniacs to convince children that global warming actually exists, and that pollution and deforestation are harmful to the environment. Fear not, boys and girls, Glenn Beck doesn't completely hate robot WALL-E and his ladylove EVE, he's just disappointed they didn't "present the other side of the argument."

At this, I have to admit, I flew into something of a rage (a silent rage, thanks to Chuck Norris, but a rage nonetheless). Oh, god forbid any child consider the destructive, wasteful, selfish, and thoughtless lifestyle Americans lead might be anything but helpful to the environment, the seas, and Mother Gaea herself. They might start recycling, conserving energy, and listening to Sting . . . and then where would we be?

I'm glad Glenn Beck, and by extension, my mother his acolyte, are here to put a stop to it.


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