Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

I've been snagging boxes virtually everywhere I go lately for my online business. Oh, it's going swimmingly, if my intention was to spend as much money on the least possible return.

My pal Merrill and I get together one night a week, and sometimes we go to the store around one am, so I can snag the boxes they've put out their inventory with. And when I do, Merrill thinks it's amusing to sing, "You're a box scrounger," to the tune of "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benetar.

And just between you and me, it is amusing.

Today, I was at the post office, and someone had left a box on the counter near the line for a teller/cashier/whateveryoucallthepersonwhohelpsyouatthewindowofthepostoffice. I asked the lady in line ahead of me if it was hers. She grunted a negative, so I picked it up. It had some stuff in it, but the box was a really good size, so I took out its contents and stuffed the box into my bag. Later, while I was being helped, I saw a guy step away from the teller/cashier/... and go to the counter. He looked around for a moment, then scooped up the stuff I had emptied from the box and walked out of the building.

I was more than expecting to find him in the parking lot when I went out, waiting to catch the thief, but he was nowhere around.

I was going to list this as my Stupid Thing of the Week, but now I'm not so sure. If he had pummelled me, it would certainly be worthy of a blog post, but as it stands, it just makes me look like a . . .

You know, I will list it.

Rish "In The Clearing Stands A Boxer" Outfield

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