Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bottom Three Marvel Movies

So, IRON MAN came out, and was really, really good. In anticipation of the opposite of that, I asked my pals to give me their Top Five list of Marvel movies. I also asked if they'd give me their Bottom Three (since five would surely be harder) Marvel Movies.

The problem for me is that, while there have surely been some awful Marvel movies, I haven't seen a lot of them. For example, I never saw HOWARD THE DUCK, and I never saw 1990's CAPTAIN AMERICA all the way through. Beta Ray and I watched 1994's Roger Corman FANTASTIC FOUR flick, but I know I had less complaints about that one than the 21st Century Tim Story one. Not that it was a good movie, but . . .

So, here's mine:
1. HULK (2003)
3. THE PUNISHER (2004 version)

I feel a little remiss here, because I haven't seen the other Punisher movie, and while I didn't like "Death of the Incredible Hulk," it's been so many years since I saw it that I don't even remember why I didn't like it. And I didn't hate BLADE 3 as much as some people did, and I didn't hate X-MEN 3 or ELEKTRA at all. I wonder if other people struggled with this answer as much as I did.

Here was tyranist's Bottom Three (he responded first):
1 - Elektra
2 - Hulk
3 - The Punisher (1989)

Ian the lawyer gave me:
1. Elektra
2. Daredevil
3.. 1991 Captain America
(I think I saw that with Merrill)

Speaking of Merrill, his list was:
Howard the Duck (I didn't know this was a Marvel property, but since it is, it takes the cake.)
Captain America 1991 (I saw this on video in High School or perhaps shortly thereafter. It was completely forgettable, in fact I've completely forgotten how it went. Too bad because I was unexplainably excited about it when I rented it. I should have known it would suck when I stumbled upon it in the video store without ever having heard of it before.)
Daredevil (I utterly despise this film. People try to convince me that it's not that bad, but all I can say is that they're wrong.)
Beta Ray Charles contributed:
3. Hulk
2. Daredevil
1. Blade Trinity

Prison Guard Johnny handed me this note through the bars:
3026. Daredevil
3027. The Hulk
3028. Howard the Duck

Not so many people participated in this one, which mean Marvel has a good track record, or I'm the only person who actually chooses to see movies that look bad. Ultimately, our "Winners" would have to be:

1. HULK (2003)

I do hope my adaptation of "Power Pack" ends up on this list someday.

Rish Reggie Outfield

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