Thursday, January 24, 2008

Epoch of Succor

So, they announced today the title of this November's JAMES BOND 22. It's going to be QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

Is this from the same guys who deemed LICENSE REVOKED as too obscure and intellectual for American filmgoers?

I realise that I'm usually pretty negative in these little rant posts (and there's nothing I can say about "Quantum of Solace" that won't be said better by an uneducated fifteen year old message board poster), so I'll not repeat my complaints about INDIANA JONES AND THE LAND OF THE FABLED KINGDOM OF THE LONG THOUGHT MYTHICAL CRYSTAL SKELETON HEAD here. That I think QUANTUM OF SOLACE is a worse title than INDY IV may come as a surprise, but it's not for any of the reasons I hate INDY IV's title.

Oh, except one, it's just not cool.

Regardless, I am 97.48% sure that the new Bond film WILL be cool, regardless of its title. About Indiana Jones I'm not as hopeful.

Rish "License to Smell Mildly Unpleasant" Outfield

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