Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Now That's More Like It

9 October 2007

Today's weather was how Fall is supposed to be.

So far, I haven't smelled that uniquely October smell in the air, but at least it's starting to look like it. Driving around, with the sun warming me inside and out, it's just possible for me to forget that I'm not living in Los Angeles or the UK, and almost possible to forget the other disappointments that plague me.

Thus, it's with a bit more optimism (amid my almost-constant misery nowadays) that I present these photos:

I took them with that camera (I was given for my birthday) that I took to Comic-Con, and really enjoy toting around with me, despite its tendency to burn through batteries like Rosie O'Donnell burning through a box of Depends adult undergarments.

I really enjoy the digital age of photography, because, although I've always liked to take pictures, I tend to take many more bad ones than good. And back in the 35mm days, I often discovered my photos' faults only after I'd developed them. Now, you can take five instead of one, content in the knowledge that the failed four can be gone with the push of a button.

And despite my inability to get close enough to people to take pictures of them, I can shoot at the moon or the trees or the mountains or roadkill any time I want.

And post them here.

That's pretty cool. And no one can do anything abou--


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