Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All Hallow's Week Begins

24 October 2007

This has gotta be the best week of the year, at least for a Horror and Halloween fan like me. Tyranist's TiVo is rapidly filling up with all the scary flicks appearing on television each night, all the websites are talking about spooktastic books and movies and songs right now, and my next-door neighbor has been spending every waking hour decorating up his front yard like a giant cemetery (god bless him).

So, what can I do, with my own little blog that no one ever sees, to celebrate the season?

I suppose I could make a list of my favourite movies in my favourite genre: Horror. I could do a different list each day this week. In fact, I'll get off my duff right now and ask tyranist to contribute as well. It'll be just like the Horror Film Compendium, only on time and less-well done.

Enjoy All Hallow's Week!


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