Monday, July 02, 2007

Stupid Thing of the Week

No, this isn't a weekly rant against something I hate (though I surely could do a post like that . . . I could do an entire blog called "Stuff I Hate"), it's more of a short Rish-bashing post that I will probably be too lazy to keep up with.

Though I'll certainly have enough material to do it every week.

So, this week's Stupid Thing . . . I've not been at this job long, and I find it harder to make friends than a leper at a Germaphobics Anonymous meeting. But I figured I'd try.

I saw the woman who sits in the cubicle across from me, scowling at her computer monitor, and I thought I'd try to say something as I walked past. She and I aren't the best of pals, and nobody here (or anywhere) is appreciated enough for what they do, so I said, "You do good work, Sheila."

Which is a nice compliment, right? Until I realised her name was Sonja. Yeah.

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