Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comic-Con pics 2

I've said it before, but basically, THIS, more than anything, encapsulates Comic-Con:

Walking around the floor and halls, there were some great fan costumes, such as this one, of my all-time favourite Transformer:

And this one of Gandalf, who stood at the VIP entrance shouting "You shall not pass!" until he was savagely beaten:

This bloke wanted to show people that it was a geek's paradise, but also that it was the Sabbath:

While this isn't TECHNICALLY a costume, it ought to look good on the big screen:

And lest you believe it was a sausage-fest, check out this babe:
But blowing them all away, was the girl who showed up as Cherry Darling from PLANET TERROR. Just look at this picture. Have you ever seen this kind of dedication to a fan costume before?
Alright, I'll admit it, she was there promoting GRINDHOUSE for the Weinstein Company. But you find me a single person at the convention who wasn't amazed to see an actual babe amputee standing there, and I'll show you somebody who . . . well, wasn't paying attention.

To be continued . . .

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