Friday, February 16, 2007

What's In A Name?

I don't really know if anyone reads these blogs. My guess is that, now that I don't write about being an Extra anymore, the only people who read it will be those who accidentally came across it, and that's fine. If you have accidentally come across my blog, can I ask you for a little help?

I've been a writer since before you were born (well, not tyranist, if he's reading, but everybody else), and a lot of elements keep me from doing the work I would like to get done. Every once in a while, I get stumped on character names (I'm not alone; I read yesterday that Joss Whedon sometimes so agonizes over names that he can't continue writing until he gets them down).

So, I'd like you readers to suggest me some. I need names for the following:

1. A ten year old girl, pretty, but sad.
2. An evil grandmother from the Bible Belt.
3. A wizard with a scary-sounding name.
4. A handsome, football-playing teenage boy.
5. A skinny, bookworm teen with a big heart.
6. A beautiful seventeen year old girl from England.
7. The football player's expendable girlfriend.
8. A gas station attendant.
9. A nice elderly neighbor lady.
10. An arrogant fast food manager.
11. A fat girl, works at the fast food joint.
12. A county sheriff.

If I actually get some suggestions (use the comments section), I will be impressed. Surprised, but impressed.



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