Friday, February 16, 2007

Feb. 12, 2007

So, I nearly had an accident this morning. It was one of those semi-miraculous things that happens, where if there had been cars around, I probably would've wrecked my car or someone else's, but due to unexplainable providence, the roads were empty, and I hit no one.

Basically, I felt my car fishtailing a little bit almost from the get-go, due to it having rained a lot last night, and then froze in the morning. Aware of the danger, I was going slow, but as I descended a hill (taking a route I had never gone before to get to work), I felt the back of the car start to slip, and quick as can be, I did a complete 180, turning around and into the opposing lane, but facing back the way I'd come. It's possible that I'd have hit a car head on, been rear ended, or both, had there been others driving.

There were other accidents I passed on the way to work (the entire main road was closed off for a block and northbound traffic actually had to cut through a gas station parking lot), but at least mine was avoided, and I remain okay . . . or more importantly, my car is okay. I ought to get new back tires, though. I wonder if this would've happened had they not been bald.

I have a tendency to whimper, "Why me, why is it always me? Woe, woe, woe" a lot. But this is an occasion where I've gotta think, "Hey, I came out pretty darn well on this one."

Woe anyway.

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