Thursday, February 15, 2007

From the Eternal Web He Rises

February 15th, 2007

So, I've been thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know), and it may be time to resurrect this blog.

There were various reasons why it died, but chief among them was that I no longer did Extra work, and hence had nothing noteworthy to share with total strangers. There were other reasons, yes, and I'll admit that events conspired to make me feel ashamed of my blog (and in connection to that, ashamed of myself).

But hey, loser though it made me look, I told the truth in my blog, and it was an accurate peek into my life and lifeview. Now that time has passed, I'm proud of my blog, and I've almost gotten to the point where I'm glad I did it.

When I initially started it, I was working at a desk job, with at least an hour free every day, and the purpose was just to mention what my thoughts were and to rant from time to time. I also thought it would be nice to use the blog to post essays that weren't appropriate for my horror film website ( Then came the extras thing and I thought I finally had something interesting to blog about.

So, hey, now we revert to the old format. If I ever do movie production work again, it could switch back, but that don't look likely right now.

I'm not sure if this is the place for anti-religious rants, for referring to Anna Nicole Smith a whore who is RIGHTFULLY dead, or for calling my friends a douchebag. I'll try to keep it clean, keep it semi-inoffensive, and keep it as nonspecific as possible.

I might put cartoons on here too, if I ever figure out how to post them (and now that they're years out of date, would I even want to? I mean, how timely will jokes about LAND OF THE DEAD seem in 2007?). And I was thinking it might be fun to write an online story, in installments, just to see if I could do it. And that would belong here too (that way, strangers can post my typos, point out logic flaws, elucidate about my lack of writing talent, and complain about the plotpoint of having a child molester save the world).

Or, I could just lose interest and stop writing.


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Jeff said...

Welcome back. And I don't mind if you call me a douchebag.