Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rish Outcast 84: Sleeptalkin' Episode 2

So, here's the squeakquel to the last show, finishing up "Sleeptalkin' Gal."

You know, I really expected "squeakquel" to catch on as a saying . . . but it didn't.  Huh.

Actually, I don't know that this show is a sequel (squeaking or otherwise).  Is the third part of a mini-series a sequel?  Or the second part of a two-part "MacGuyver" episode?

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spaceVulture said...

I do look forward to every episode, and I am a Patreon supporter. I have also purchased several of your books/short stories and really do enjoy your writing.

spaceVulture said...

I really like this story and the "cliffhanger" for part one made it seem more like a Bigg story, but the ending was very much a Rish one. I'm not saying you are always writing happy endings, but usually mostly resolved in a slightly positive way, but with something leftover for you to ask "what-if" or "but what about that one thing." I am a big fan of those.

Thanks Rish.

Rish Outfield said...

Thanks, SV.

It was always my intention to have it end in a slightly unhappy way--his wife has gone through this terrible medical ordeal, has miraculously made it through, and he's still going to leave her for another woman. That seems like a pretty Anklevichian ending to me. Except that it's left up to you to guess where it's going to go, rather than just spelling it out, so maybe that's a bit more Rishoutfieldian.