Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rish Outcast 78: Remember the Future

So, a year or so back, Rish went into the woods and recorded this episode in front of a campfire. He shares the story "Remember the Future," about a teenage girl who receives a rather unfortunate gift (with an appearance by a character or two from past Rish Outfield tales).
Warning: A bit of TMI.

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spaceVulture said...

This story gave me the 'feels.' What a great story. Makes me think of what I try to ask my girls every day, "What did you do to make someone else's day better?" Rish, you sure as hell know how to write emotional, heart wrenching stories. This might actually be my favorite since your collaboration with BD Anklevich, 'Last Contact.'

gramdpaD said...

I thought it was going darker, but I liked it anyway.

gramdpaD said...

It was dark enough and full of death as it was, but it could have been a slaughter.