Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name 15: Skipping

Recently, there was a contest of sorts over at the Paradise Lost forums, encouraging writers and would-be writers.

They were doing a sort of take on the Broken Mirror Story Events that Big and I did on the Dunesteef.  Only these guys called it a Broken Mirror Story Event.  The assigned premise: "As you skip the rock across the water, you are surprised to see it come skipping back."

I wrote this story for two reasons: one, to support fans of the show, who were influenced in a positive way by the Dunesteef.  And two, because why not write another story?  Why not . . . that would be a good motto to have.

If you wanna download the file, just RIGHT-CLICK HERE.


gramdpaD said...

Excellent! not enough stories come to a head that way.

AspiR said...

I was incredibly excited to see this episode go up, though I did notice it a bit late. Rish is someone who truly appreciates his fans, as evidenced by how encouraging he was about the Broken Mirror at Paradise Lost. A lot of people would be rude or at least dismissive toward someone who was more or less ripping off their concept for an event, and Rish would have been justified taking it that way. Instead, he was all for it. He encouraged the other participants to keep writing and even wrote his own story for it. That sort of thing isn't often seen between creators and their fans, so I am very appreciative.

His support in particular got me more invested in the idea, and now we're going to be having Seasonal Broken Mirrors at PL. The second one, which will be considered the Summer one I suppose, should be up soon. And next time the Dunesteef has a Broken Mirror contest, I would be surprised if my guys didn't jump all over it. I know I would!

There's a bunch of feedback for this story on my forum already, but I'll say here that this story is classic Rish. The ending is the best part of course, but there are plenty of other funny parts inbetween as well. Hearing Rish sing the hip hop song was a particularly funny highlight. I'm not sure if that song actually exists or not, and that might be the point.

I agree that it would be difficult to kill a female protagonist the same way, but I think more problematic than that is believably portraying a girl falling for that. This protagonist's motivations could only really fit a teenage boy, and that's a big part of why this story is so funny. Because you remember what it was like (unless you're a girl).