Sunday, July 03, 2016

Rish Outcast 46: Ask Me No Questions (The Final Frontier)

Here I am, answering more of Tom Tancredi's probing questions.  Since recording these episodes, I discovered that Tom has a twin brother.  Maybe I ought to make a list of questions for him to answer ("Number 3: Have you ever hurt yourself or gotten some action, only to find that your brother felt it at the same time?").

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1 comment:

gramdpaD said...

OK, I friended you on Facebook as instructed. There have been nine agonizing days of waiting by the computer without sleep or new underwear and no positive reply has come. I can only assume my reputation proceeds me, or possibly you are now a hostage to some vengeful and highly unstable evil mastermind. Damn that Escape Pod and all their minions too.
Dave W.