Friday, March 11, 2016

Rish Outcast 37: The Ugly Table

Okay, this one is long in coming (I was horrified when I saw the date on the finished episode).

In this episode, I'll present (some of) my story "The Ugly Table," which was previously published in a collection called "Pretty/Ugly," along with Big's "The Mirror Sometimes Lies."  Both stories had the same basic premise--that of a plain girl suddenly becoming beautiful.

I don't believe Big has ever shared or podcast his story, other than in that Amazon release, which you can purchase here, if you like.  I'll ask him about it sometime.

Warning: I believe this one has language.  Fucking foul language.

If ye want to download the tale . . . then right-click THIS!!!

(episode 36 was for donors only.  Ask me about it sometime)

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