Monday, March 14, 2016

My Story "Lost & Found" Available on Amazon (and Audible)

Not long ago, I typed up my "untitled kidnapping story" from last year's Magical Notebook.  If I could somehow type one of these stories every month, I'd pretty much having something new for my fan until the day I die.  And that sounds pretty good.*

So, here is this month's entry: "Lost & Found."

Basically, it tells about an uncle and his nephew, which about six hundred of my stories do.  In this one, ten year old Will Choner has an unusual ability, the same power his father had.  But his father is now dead, and his mother has forbidden her son from using it again.  When Will's Uncle Armin comes to the house, with a chance for Will to use his ability to save a lost girl . . .well, you get a story.

I like this one.  Maybe you would too.

You can find it for sale on Amazon it at this link.  Let me know if you dig it, and would like a second tale involving Will.

While I would appreciate it if you bought it, the audio version (which costs twice as much), will be available soon.  I'll post that on here as soon as Audible approves it . . . right here:


*But did I mean selling a new story every month, or dying?  Hmmm.


AspiR said...

It looks as though there's some sort of highlighter effect on the first part of this blog post, is that intentional?

This makes what, three of the things you mentioned in the coming attractions post in roughly two weeks? And the novella is one of the big ones. Keep it up man!

And surely you have more than one fan, I'm at least your second one.

Rish Outfield said...

No, it wasn't intentional. Not sure how it happened, but it was certainly hard to get rid of.

I'm REEEEALLY trying to be a writer right now (and audiobook producer). So I should have something else on here soon (or I could be a podcaster; I keep forgetting about that).

Tom Tancredi said...

Real quick point of order: What's the difference between Rish Ramblings, the Outcast, and The Podcast that Dares Not Speaks Its Name? I think Rish Ramblings is for written blog posts, mostly; Outcast is for stories, and the The Podcast that Dares Not Speak Its Name is for top of mind riffing? Sometimes stories crop up on Rish Ramblings, and sometimes they don't. Just trying to understand the flow.

Rish Outfield said...

Rish's Ramblings is my blog, and has been for fifteen years or so. Yeah, I've written a couple of stories on it, but it's my way of writing about what's going on with my life, what's going on in my head, and a way for a Sony lawyer to get me fired from my job.

The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name was the first solo podcast I did, which involves me sitting down in front of a microphone at home and talking, usually presenting a story, and almost always involving Fake Sean Connery.

The Rish Outcast is the solo podcast I do in the car, with (sometimes terrible) background noise, that often includes a story (with much better sound). This is far easier to do than TPTDNSIN, and is easier to say. But sometimes something seems important enough for me to sit down without distractions and do the original show, hence I've not given it up.

Big thinks I should retire TPTDNSIN in favor of the Rish Outcast, and he may be right, but for now, I like to think that if something happens that deserves my full attention (like when I answered your Q&A questions, or if I chose to do an episode about my recent car accident, or the future episode where I talk about the sad death of Big Anklevich), I like being able to trot that show out again.

At least you didn't ask why I sometimes reblog these posts on the Dunesteef blog, and sometimes I don't. That would be harder to answer.

AspiR said...

I've learned the difference between the two podcasts after careful listening to many episodes, but I'm going to have to agree with Big here. I think you have a better chance of getting people's attention with just one of the podcasts, and of them the Rish Outcast is much catchier. In my opinion, it would be just as well to simply state in the beginning of the episode "I'm in my car (as you can tell from the terrible sound quality)" or "I'm seated in front of the microphone at home, because this is important" rather than having two separate names.

I've noticed there are a lot of things you're doing with your solo stuff that seems to limit the amount of attention you get. You've mentioned often that you're not the type of person to say "hey, look at me, this thing I made is worth your time" so I always assumed you were intentionally not advertising yourself. But then you also seem to complain in some episodes about how few listeners you have.

If I could make a recommendation, as a fan who is closely following your work, maybe part of this new year drive you've been carrying could be to reevaluate things. What I mean is, I think you should make a clean cut decision about what you want from your podcast. Do you want to record it as a diary, something only you and your diehard fans are meant to listen to? Or do you want to reach a wider audience, anyone who wants more Dunesteef related content / anyone who expresses even the slightest interest in your writing? If you decide the former is closer to your intention, then you're on the right path. But if what you want is the latter, there are some things that logically need to change.

A pretty important one, just to illustrate my point: you're not even linked on the main page of the Dunesteef. Big is linked, even other, unrelated podcasts are linked, but not your blog / podcast. In fact the only reason I found this place is I google stalked you (more or less).

Derek said...

Didn't he just say his blog got him fired from a job once? I'm kind of surprised he even still has a blog.

AspiR said...

I thought he mentioned that as a point of pride.

Tom Tancredi said...

I think I understand. For whatever reason my podcast app PocketCast can only find the OutCast, and so I have to manually download the other episodes. Thanks for the clarification. BTW - can you see if you can submit your other podcasts to PocketCast's directory?

As for whether or not you should retire I like it. I like fake Sean Connery, and it makes me laugh whenever you do a debate with him or have a conversation. I'd miss it....