Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rish's "A Lovely Singing Voice" Finally Available on Amazon

Hey kids, remember that sprawling tale I wrote--and published--right here on my blog last year?  Well, I always intended to put it out in a more professional version* but allowed a busy schedule and no cover art to waylay me.

Well, the ever-faithful Gino Moretto came through with some cover art, and while no drawing can convey the sinister nature of Brekkyn Manion, his work was exactly what the doctor ordered.
As a reminder: "A Lovely Singing Voice" is the lengthy story of Tanissa Gunn, who meets a spoiled, lonely girl while visiting her father over the summer.  While her dad is at work, Tanissa and Brekkyn get to know one another, and we discover that Brekkyn always gets whatever she wants . . . always.

Here is the link, along with the usual author's note at the end:  Thanks!

Rish "Lovely Signing Voice" Outfield

*Sorry that it's taken this long; maybe I'm reverting to my spineless ways.

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