Friday, January 30, 2015

Rish Performs "Lallia (Dumarest 6)" on

In 2013, I managed to produce audio versions of the first five "Dumarest of Terra" books for sale at Audible.  They're short books, and even though the chapters are long, five books in a year is a totally achievable goal.

In 2014, I managed one.  I think the publishers were pretty sure I was never going to get any of them done, because they hadn't even created cover art when I finally finished the project, "Lallia."  But now it's done, and available for purchase.

Each of these E.C. Tubb books tell the tale of Earl Dumarest, an adventurer, traveler, and hero, and the many people he encounters while searching for his long lost homeworld, a forgotten planet known as Earth.  In this one, Earl is forced to sign up to work on a small ship so he can get offworld, and gets to know a group of strangers, including a violent drunk, a religious zealot, a wide-eyed innocent, a gambler, a manic-depressive, and a woman accused of being a witch.

Here be yon link:

Last year was a difficult one for balancing obligations, work, podcasting, and creating audiobooks (both for free and for a paycheck).  I got a few of them done, but there is still a list of projects I've committed to that aren't even close to finished (or started yet).  Among them, are more Dumarest books.  We'll see if I can do better in the coming months.


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