Thursday, August 07, 2014

Rish Performs "Of Men & Wolves" on Far-Fetched Fables

In the time since starting the Dunesteef, I've tried to accept any and all invitations to do voices in podcasts or audio dramas that come my way, even though I've really got to stop.  Soon.

I'll be frank witcha: I didn't like this story at all when I read it through. First off, I thought Gary Dowell, the editor of the then-forthcoming Far Fetched Fables podcast, was crazy to have sent me this story to narrate, a first-person tale of the newly-widowed wife of a barbarian.   The tale was called "Of Men and Wolves," by An Owomoyela, and I discovered that the main character wasn't exactly a woman (or exactly a man either), and wondered how I would pull it off (not to mention pronouncing the name of the author).

But I recorded it, doing my best to deliver an androgynous, accented performance, but also to bring some emotion to the table, and I'll admit that there were a couple parts I thought were pretty okay. After that, I had to edit the recording, and it was then that I picked up on some nuances and language craft that I hadn't appreciated before. By the time it was done, I thought "Of Men and Wolves" was a pretty high quality tale.

You can check it out over at and judge for yourself.


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