Saturday, August 02, 2014

Broken Mirror Shard - Day 5

Almost no writing done today, just a couple of minutes jotting stuff down during lunch at work. 

I think my story will be called "MagiClaw."


            He looked at the front and back of the bill, but it seemed totally genuine.  It was a 2014 bill, with the watermark and everything.  “There’s no way you won this from the claw!”

            “I did!  I swear!”

            “I’m telling mommy you swore,” mocked Stewart.  “Where did it really come from?”  He thought of the guy with the ear gauges.  “Did that guy give this to you?  The one with the stretched-out ers?”

            “No.  I put in your quarters, and that’s what I won.”  The boy sounded sincere.   

            Stewart handed the money back.  “I still say it’s fake.  Maybe the wrong guy’s on it or something.”

            Anthony got an idea.  “One way to find out.”  He went across the store to the cashier counter, where a young man was reading a textbook, ignoring them completely.

            “Excuse me,” Anthony said. 

            The man looked up, then down at the kid.  “Hello.”

            “Could I get some quarters please?”  He handed the clerk the twenty. 

            The guy didn’t even glance at it.  He just opened the till.  “How many quarters do you need?”

            Stewart appeared at his brother’s side.  “Does that twenty look okay to you?”

            Now the clerk picked it up again, held it to the light, and put it down again.  “Yes.  Was there a problem with it?”

            “Two dollars in quarters,” Anthony said.  “The rest just in fives.”
Word Count: 227
Total Count:  1986 (a pretty good year)

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