Sunday, July 27, 2014

Come On And Do It Again (Mini Broken Mirror Story Event)

So, Big went off to do his annual family reunion summer activity last week, but before he went, he told me he was going to live blog another story as soon as he got back.  Looking around me for inspiration, I challenged him to do another Broken Mirror story with me (which is what I call it when we both write a story based on the same suggested premise, something we actually did earlier this year, but quite accidentally*), and came up with the prompt:

"Despite being warned about them, someone plays a claw vending machine game . . . and wins big."

Big accepted my challenge, and went off to visit his many relatives wherever it is they go.  I figured I'd mention on Facebook that Big and I were going to be doing this, just in case somebody wanted to hold us to it, and said they were welcome to join in.  Unfortunately, my words must have been too vague, because people thought we were announcing a new Broken Mirror Dunesteef contest, and several insisted they were going to enter (somebody even asked which episode had included this announcement, thinking he'd missed a show).  Whoops.

But just like the live-blogging thing that we started in June, anybody is free to join in on this on their own blog, and Big suggested we even put links to the other blogs that would be participating.

It really is a cute idea, even if I'm not so sure the story I'm planning to write is gonna be all that cute.  Or good.

But you know me, I'd never claim it was good, even if I thought it was.  We'll find out starting tomorrow.

Rish Outfield, Writer

*A few years ago, we were tossing out suggestions for that year's Broken Mirror premise, and ended up going with Big's (which was "A child is proclaimed king, but it ends up being more than just a game").  Mine was something like "A bunch of kids make a 'Suicide' by mixing several flavors of soda at once . . . with surprising results," which wasn't as evocative as Big's suggestion . . . but he brought it up earlier in the year, saying he was going to go ahead and write a story about it.  When I heard he actually did so, I sat down and forced myself to write one too . . . and chances are, no one will ever, ever read it.

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Big Anklevich said...

It's nice of you to say it that way, but it was the opposite. The idea we went with was yours, and the idea about the suicide, the not so evocative one, was mine. I suppose someday I'll be forced to share, "True Colors," since it has been mentioned a few times, despite the fact that it truly is a crappy story, or better yet a non-story. Oh well, here's hoping that my Claw story turns out better.