Sunday, May 20, 2012

Loss To The Entire Community

Yesterday, NBC fired Dan Harmon, showrunner of "Community." He was pretty vocal about it (saying there was no warning, no mutual agreement, and the statements that he is still a part of the show are lies), and the conspiracies are a'flyin (some say NBC thought it too much of a fringe show and new producers would attract a wider audience, some say it was due to the rivalry between Harmon and Chevy Chase, and some say Harmon was too hard to work with according to the studio and they wanted more of a yes-man in charge).

I'd just like to say this: "Community" has pretty consistently had a unique tone, voice, and charm on network television. It was a geek-friendly show, instead of a point-at-geeks-and-laugh kind of show, which a lot of people can't seem to see the difference between. And while there were a couple of stinkers, literally every episode made me laugh out loud. My guess is, Dan Harmon was the guiding force behind all that, and the show won't be the same without him. 

Part of me wants to simply quit watching, in a statement not unlike the thousands who refused to see Fox's new BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER movie if Joss Whedon was not involved.  I don't know, though, if I'll be able to stay away, when the show comes back in the fall (which NBC did not have to do, since the ratings have never been all that great, and "Community" costs a heck of a lot more than a season of "Do You Think Paraplegics Can Dance?" and "Sing-off or Get-off."

I raise my glass to Mr. Harmon, in thanks for the joy his hard work gave me.  His job was not easy, as a couple of new guys are about to find out.

Also, to Brian Saur, who suggested I watch the show, and Jeff who made me watch every damn episode, even when I didn't want to.
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