Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Don't People Go To The Movies Anymore?

My buddy Jeff and I went to a movie tonight, like we used to do, every darn week.

It was a Wednesday night, in a tiny little one-horse theater, so we figured we'd be able to avoid the stuff that really annoys us about going to the movies. In fact, in the whole theater there were only a double-dating couple on the very back row, and a couple of dudes up front, with us in between.

Unfortunately, four of the five annoying boxes about going to the movies somehow ended up getting checked. The douchebags at the front kept a yelling conversation with the couples in the back (we found out where the loudest guy got his hat, how much it cost, and what sizes it came in), kept a loud running commentary on what was going on in the movie ("Man, he got it right in the nuts!"), sent or received a number of text messages during the show, and talked back to the screen ("Stay in the car, you stupid bitch!"). If we only hadn't been able to get good seats, it would have been a grand slam.

Well, better luck next time, I guess.

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