Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somewhat Irritating Thing of the Week

Yesterday, my alarm went off (set to the Jack-FM radio station) to the nostalgic beat of Funky Cold Medina. I've never been a huge fan of the song, but I like Tone-Loc's voice, plus, that "olde skool rap" is my favorite kind.

Today, my alarm went off, and . . . what the bunt? . . . it was Funky Cold Medina again. This didn't ruin my day or anything (until I realized it was Monday again, and I stepped in the same gorram puddle), but if a radio station has, onstensibly, hundreds of songs in its catalog . . . why would they possibly play Tone Loc twice in a twenty-four hour period, let alone the same song in the same hour?

Rish "My Threads Are Fresh And I'm Lookin' Def" Outfield

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Josh said...

All radio stations, even "Jack" stations (I'm sure the tagline is "we play what we want" or something similar) have about 300 songs in heavy rotation. You probably hit the top of the rotation. Plus, morning radio exists for people to sing along to -- they don't want new music.

Radio sucks anyway. Listen to podcasts.