Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stupid Thing of the Week

I went to A&W today to partake of their super-cheap Country Fried Steak meal. The girl behind the counter asked if I wanted to get a drink with it for a dollar more (as she does everytime I go in, like a good little droid), and of course I said yes.

But then, I went to the soda machine and tried to get a Pepsi . . . but nothing came out but brown water. The Wild Cherry Pepsi was foamy brown water. The Mountain Dew was . . . well, I can't even imagine, since I don't drink it, could've been--gasp!--regular Mountain Dew. Their world famous root beer wasn't working either.

I went to the counter and said, "This machine seems not to be working." "I know," the girl said, "We called somebody to come fix it later today." I asked if she could get me some Pepsi from the drive-thru drink machine, and she said, "No, they're all out right now."

So I sat down and ate my meal dry, but filled up the cup with ice, and filled when I got home.

It was only then that I realized that she charged me for a drink, knowing the machine was broken, and that--more importantly--I could have asked for my money back on that drink. But didn't.

So, where does the stupidity lie?

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