Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stupid Thing of the Week

I was at a poker game at my brother's house last night. I lost, as usual.

But what's making me type this is that one of the player had brought their kid over, and he was boredly running around while the rest of us played, and at one point, went out to the car to get something. When he came back, he seemed overly timid, and his mother asked him what was wrong. Turns out he had locked the keys in the car.

So, my brother-in-law called the local police and asked them to come over and get the door opened. As penance, the boy had to keep watch by the window for them to arrive, while the rest of us played our game.

I told the boy to signal us when the cops arrived by saying, "You guys, I smell bacon." A couple people laughed at that (even though it wasn't all that funny, but ah well), and the game continued. I don't know why I continue to go to these poker games when I always lose, but I guess I'm dumb that way.

An hour or so later, the doorbell rang, and the boy answered it. Two cops stood on the doorstep.

I kid you nod, he turned and shouted, "Hey everybody, I smell bacon!"

This, folks, is why mother nature has decreed that I shall not have children.

Rish "Role Model" Outfield

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