Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stupid Thing of the Week (sorta)

My Uncle Jim died in 1990, and he left me two things, a little bit of college money (enough to pay for two years) and his record collection. Since he was dead, I never got to thank him for introducing me to the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW soundtrack.

He left a lot of other things to his little brother, my Uncle John, and a few months ago, John was throwing out some old boxes of Jim's stuff (mostly VHS tapes and books and outdated electronics). He came upon an old button-up shirt that screams the Nineteen Eighties more than New Coke or a Human League song.

"Ohhh, can I have that?" I asked him.

"Of course. I was gonna trash it anyway."

So, I got a third thing from Uncle Jim, this retro, loud, tacky neon shirt. I frogging love it.

So, I was wearing it today, and a dude I'd just met mocked it, saying that he looked at me and wanted to sing the theme to "Saved By The Bell." I murdered him and made it look like a botched mugging, then forgot about it.

But tonight, I was in line at Walmart, when a woman behind me said, "Wow, nice shirt." I couldn't tell if she was being serious or not, so I said, "Really?" She said, "Totally." I said, "Thanks, a guy earlier made fun of it." She said, "Oh no. It takes a real man to wear a shirt like that."On Fred Savage's soul I swear that's what she said. I thanked her again and left, but spent most of my ride home trying to figure out how to take that last statement.

Rish "Keep Feeling Fascination" Outfield


Big Anklevich said...

I would say that she meant it takes a lot of balls to wear something that hideously ugly, but I don't want to end my days in a botched mugging, so I won't say anything.

Lizanne said...

Dang it,now I want to wear leggings and my hair in a side ponytail! It will be quite a weekend.