Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog metamorphosis

I went to change the quote at the top of my blog today, when I saw a little button that said "Blog Templates." I clicked on one at random, just to see what that might switch up. There was another button that said "Apply to Blog," and I figured that would give me a preview of what it would do to this page. So I clicked it.

Whoops. Just as it promised, it applied the new template to my blog . . . permanently.

I tried to find the "Undo" button or the "Restore Default" button, but they didn't exist. I clicked on the "Help" link and it brought up a new page that said, "Boy, are you screwed." Below that, it said, "Was this helpful? Yes. No."

So, I guess I have a new look to my blog now. Maybe I'll get used to it. Maybe I can make a couple of changes and make it a bit more bearable. Maybe I'll find a way to put it back the way it was. Maybe it doesn't matter.

Does anything?

Rish Outfield

P.S. Today, in 1997, Judgement Day happened, according to TERMINATOR 2. Do you remember where you were?

1 comment:

Big Anklevich said...

Ha ha! You crack me up man.

You know, you could ask 080T to help you...oh, right.