Wednesday, July 07, 2010

ROYALE (without cheese)

My cousin and I rewatched CASINO ROYALE today.

I'm a huge fan of that movie. And after actually playing Texas Hold 'em poker at the cabin, I thought we'd check it out and see if I'd appreciate it on a different level. I found it amusing that they called it "Hold Em Poker" in the film.

My cousin told me he wasn't a fan when he saw this in 2007, going as far as to say that it wasn't a "real James Bond movie." But now he claims he never said that. But not everybody can love CASINO ROYALE the way I do. Perhaps no one can.

Even so, watching it with an eye for how the game is played wasn't really a fruitful pursuit. The movie is told in such a way that they focus on the emotion of the game rather than the techniques, so that you know who is winning and when, but the "why" isn't all that important. If anything, I was just reminded of what an excellent, personal film it all is.

I'm lucky to have been alive when this movie came out.

Uh oh, this is starting to sound like a positive blog post. I should put it away and start on something else.

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